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In the hour of need it is very difficult to find some lender; who can give the loan at quick speed and as per your need as well. On the other side securing a loan in UK is not a simple task; one has to go through the several hectic processes of documentation .If you want to secure a loan you have to prove its repayment and finical stability and above all that you must have a strong credit history as well. Even if you have a good history and are able to complete the documents; the waiting timing for approval is very long and exhausting as well. In such desperate moments a person need a loan which can rescue them even if you have a very bad credit history.

There are number of secured and unsecured loans available in the financial market of UK. These loans aware designed to help people who have a bad credit history or that can fall in the finical debt. Secured loans are loans that are supported by an asset, like a house in the case of a mortgage loan or a car with an auto loan. It is kind of collateral loan and in case of non-payment the asset can be taken as well. While in unsecured loans lenders don’t have rights to any collateral for the debt.

There are number of options available for the borrower like person loan, guarantor loans, loans for bad credit history and many more. You can select the type of loan as per the need and the ability to repay the loan on leviathan63.com. Some of the loans are as mentioned below:

  • Personal Loans: A kind of unsecure loan is personal loan where it has borrowing limit between £1,000 and £25,000 and it is for one year to fie year at maximum. In case of personal loan the interest rate is normally fix and very high as well. However some of the companies also mark the credit history as loan reimbursement criteria as well.
  • Guarantor Loan:  it is same as of personal loan but it involves a guarantor; who can be your friend or any family member. The person has to sign a letter/agreement stating that in case of nonpayment they will be help responsible. This loan is for 1-7 years and yes you have to show the credit history as well.
  • Payday Loan: Payday loans are typically small, usually $500 or less, and made for a short period of just a week or two before repayment is required on your next payday and in that case there is no such credit score or history required.
  • Logbook loan: The most widely accepted loan in UK; which is against the vehicle is logbook loan. This loan is most secured loan and has easy repayment plans as well. Logbook Leviathan the one which helps top secure loan ranging from £250 to £50,000 and this is the best return on the Vehicle. As of its easy plans, less interest rate, quick processing and the availability of the plans for repayment it is widely accepted amongst borrower.