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Welcome to leviathan63.com Loans!!!

Leviathan63 Loans is a certified and legally registered company based in UK. The company is registered under the license no ___________ and is a member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and is also authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We are one of the secure and widely accepted logbook loans service provider institutes; where your loan is always secured.

We are an authorized logbook lender; where the aim is to provide flexible and convenient loan services to the people of UK.  If you own a vehicle-whether it’s a car, van or even a motorcycle, we are the right choice to get a quick cash loan. The purpose is, to corporate and help our debtors so that they can come out from the vicious cycle of debts and repayments and can meet their urgent needs as well.

We are working exclusively with the people who are suffering from bad credit history; bank has refused their loans or they are already suffering from the old debts payments. We are there to support you to meet your urgent financial needs and on a call our service advisors visits at our home, evaluate the worth of your vehicle and after agreement we process the loan in a day’s time.

Our Company;  Leviathan63 Loans works in an ethical, legal and responsible way and want to ensure to the debtors that we are ultimate solution for them. Our policies and procedures are fair, clean and transparent. Before making any agreement we sit with the potential borrower and make them exampling about all the rules, terms and conditions and legal implications as well. We deal people fairly and their car worth is calculated on the market basis; so in case of disagreement the customer has full right to say “No” and we do respect the customer feedback and their suggestions.

Your car is your security with our Logbook Loans, we only take your logbook as a security and it will be returned back to you, once all the payments are made. We ensure that you will take care of the car and payments as well. Once you pay flexibly and on time; we ensure that you are away from all the legal implications as well.

Our easy and flexibly payment plans, scheduling, low interest rate and the quick processing makes us unique amongst the other logbook lender. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures that your needs and demands are met and for that we give the best solution as well. You can approach us frequently and we are there to help for their needs. Whenever a customer needs any information or have any queried your 24/7 service is available for them. Please write to us ______________ or call us ______________.

For more information you can visit at our registered office address:


Leviathan63 Loans is always there to support and assist you and we will be pleases to serve you to come out of the web of debts and suspicious loans.